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We Would like to welcome you to the Society of Ancient Irish Religion's website. Seeking a new form of Gaelic paganism through scholarship and study. Through this website we hope to grow and become a proud priesthood based off of the traditions and beliefs of the Irish people, building a new future for Gaelic paganism as a whole.

 We hope that you are able to find the answers to your questions concerning the Society and Gaelic paganism on the wider spectrum and are excited to show the world our beliefs. If you have any questions we would surely love to here from you, you can contact us below.

 We sincerely wish that you enjoy your time here. Thank you taking the time out of your day to study with us.

*Please note that as of now, the society website is only being managed by one person who has a lot to cover in terms of Celtic Religion. If anything seems to be vague or undetailed please note that it will eventually be covered in more depth in the future.

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